Elk/Beaver Watershed Initiative
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The purpose of this comment form is to collect feedback on the draft Elk/Beaver Lake watershed management plan, which aims to address elevated nutrients in the watershed that contribute to poor water quality in Elk/Beaver Lake. The Capital Regional District (CRD) drafted the plan following public consultation and in collaboration with other government agencies and community partners. Read more >>
Comments received by midnight February 27, 2020 will be used to inform regional parks management decisions and to finalize a draft plan for review and approval by the CRD Board.
Comments may be summarized and shared publicly with the CRD Board, Committees and Commissions as part of the plan’s review process and may appear in information provided on the CRD’s website. Please do not provide any information that could identify yourself or others in your responses. No individuals will be identified and no comments will be attributed to any individual in any reports or communications resulting from this survey.
Note: Each page of the feedback form will time out after 30 minutes. Please do not use the back/forward buttons on your browser, but rather use the buttons at the bottom of the page and ensure you click the 'finish' button at the end of the form, even if you have not answered all of the questions.
This information will allow us to understand whether respondents are located within the watershed boundary.

Information collected by this form is is in accordance with s.26 (c) and (e) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Inquiries about the collection or use of information in this form can be directed to Brandin Schultz, Manager, Planning, Resource Management and Development, Regional Parks, Capital Regional District, 490 Atkins Avenue, 250.360.3370.

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