SGI Connectivity Planning Speedtest

The Capital Regional District (CRD) is consulting with the communities of the Southern Gulf Islands Electoral Area (Galiano, Mayne, the Penders and Saturna Islands) to assist with the development of a community internet connectivity plan.


Your participation in this survey will help us better understand current internet use and speed on your island and in the region. For more information about this project, please visit


Please complete this survey from your work or home internet connection (not a cell phone) and have a recent bill from your Internet Service Provider at hand before you begin the survey.


This survey will also ask for your consent before collecting your IP address. Your IP address is unique and contains useful information about your Internet connection and service provider. It can also be used to geo-reference your location. If provided, your IP address will be used for internet connectivity mapping and planning purposes. No individuals will be identified or tracked as a result of this survey.

*Please indicate whether you are currently using an internet connection at home or at work.
This survey must be completed using your work or home internet connection.
I consent to sharing my IP address with the CRD and its service providers for the purpose of creating a community connectivity plan and determining feasibility of internet service delivery. I understand my IP address will not be used to identify me.
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